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Contact John Tytgat - Coordinator
Postal address ACC, Herentalsebaan 212, B-2100 Deurne, Belgium
Telephone number +32 (0)3 366.50.80
Meeting place ACC, Herentalsebaan 212, B-2100 Deurne, Belgium
Meeting date/time Every second and fourth Friday of the month from 8 pm onwards
Members The ACC membership automatically allows participation in all ACC groups so there are no exact figures for the members. Usually we have around 10 people for each meeting.
Subscription Subscription is EUR 37 for one year ACC membership which allows unlimited participation in all ACC user groups. You can join the user groups for a couple of occations without membership on a trial basis.
Coverage All Acorn & RISC OS related topics
Notes There are other interest groups in ACC (PC, Linux, Tandy, ...) but each group has its own meeting dates & frequency. Each year there is club attendance at the "Hobby Computer Dagen" computer show in Bouwcentrum (Antwerpen) in February. Trips to the most important RISC OS related shows (like Wakefield, Big Ben, ...) are organised too. Use E-mail for more information about ACC itself.

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